Meet Julia Barreiro

19 years of experience

Taking a language course and actually learning a language are two different things. For this reason many people get frustrated and feel that they are not making any progress or that they are unable to become fluent in the language they are learning.

To ensure that you are learning effectively it is essential to have the right frame of mind, choose the right materials and a qualified and experienced professional.

I discovered my talent for teaching when I was just 17 years old, when I started helping friends with English, as I was already fluent in that language. Inevitably I fell in love with teaching and decided to study Linguistics/Philology at the University of São Paulo (USP).

Today I am a qualified, certified and experienced teacher of German, Portuguese and English and I have taught students from three to 90 years of age in Brazil, China, Germany and also online. My experience with online classes since 2013 has allowed me to be tech-savvy and adopt the most modern distance learning tools.

What I do

The effectiveness of your learning process is primarily determined by your mindset and appropriate strategies for learning.

If you are an adult learning a foreign language, chances are you believe that learning a language means memorizing, copying lists and translating.

However, there has been a huge evolution in foreign language teaching in the last decades and my role as a teacher, in addition to sharing linguistic content, is to make my students realize that learning a language has to be a fun, pleasurable and creative process.

Each student has a learning profile and I encourage mine to analyze what works for them, I share what worked for me and use the communicative approach so that the student can communicate in the language they are learning in the first hours of class.

There´s no boredom nor time wasting in my classes.

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Teaching German, Portuguese and English for students of three to 90 years old in Brazil, Germany and China, as well as online since 2013


My private courses are customized according to the student´s profile, cultural and linguistic background and needs, which assures its efficiency.


I encourage a good pronunciation, so in my courses I often teach the phonemes (sounds) of the foreign language in a graphic, fun way, while respecting students´ linguistic background.


Modern teaching tools that support your development and make the process more fun and keep students motivated.


Being a polyglot, I´ve discovered and developed strategies that I share with my students to facilitate the absorption of content.


I love languages, my profession and my students. My empathy takes away the trauma and brings out the pleasure of learning.